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When the weather turns chilly, Adopt a Senior Pet Month reminds us some four-legged friends need a family, too. In November, consider making a home for an older furry pet during Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

Lil Manny is waiting for his forever person. Someone who loves dachshunds and older cutie senior dogs. He's such a good boy!! Aww, he's snug bug, little walk , some food and he'll be warming your feet at night?????? He's a sweet little guy, easy to walk and just loves people. He's housebroken and so sweet with his sideways little tongue peeping out.... This adorable boy was found as a stray dog.

Manny invites you to come to the shelter and meet him. Adoption hours are Thursday, Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM & this Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM.


Poster Poster 2

October Winnespago

On a slightly wet day, Friday October 12th, it was a busy day at Shelter on the Hill. We thank Simi Valley Non Profit Spay and Neuter Clinic, Dr Kerry and staff with their Winnespago RV. They spayed/neutered 29 dogs and cats! Also 19 microchips were inserted at a nominal fee of $5, as SOTH paid for the microchip itself. We feel it's so important that cats and dogs can find their way home with microchip ID.

We thank the County of Kern and the Family Resource Center for making vouchers available.

Thank you Pamela McGee and Becky Trask for organizing the event. Shelter volunteers Candace, Teresa, April, Melissa, Connie, and Alice who also volunteered to help make this a success.

Pictured last is our volunteer Melissa and she is getting a microchip for her chihuahua Mikayla.

Bear Aware

Bears in the yard Many residents of the hill have experience bears in their yards, on their streets and even entering their homes in August. We asked Los Padres Bear Aware if we could use their checklist. We recommend looking at their Facebook page as well. If you are having trouble with bears please contact them. Thank you to Charlotte Deese for the photo of the mom bear and two cubs in her Pinon Pines yard.

Bear Aware Poster

Jade's Facebook Fundraiser

Jade and kitten

Jade Miranda's fabulous fundraiser via Facebook has sent SOTH two checks totaling $700! Thank you to the many people that donated.

Thank you again for doing this Shelter on rhe Hill fundraiser in support of the cats and dogs at the shelter. Jade and her mother also volunteer at the shelter. She is pictured here with the kittens.

Hi I'm Miley


I'm Miley LaVerne or just Miley for short. I'm hoping you can help me with a career change problem!

See, my former humans wanted me to be a puppy forever. I'm an attractive three year old lady that would love to have a forever person.

I love all humans, the sun in the morning and the moon at night... I mean, I LOVE IT ALL!

Now, I realized early on that I'd be looking for a new gig ASAP, so I worked on all my basic pet dog skills: I'm potty trained. I am easy to train. I walk well on a leash, happy to go for a walk. I can use a dog door. I am a lap dog, lean machine, not too big. I'm just cute inside and out!

I promise we'll have great times together if you just email, text, or call my ppl at SOTH (661) 248-5018 and ask for Miley.

I'm at Shelter in the Hill, Lebec, California. I am counting on you to help me get a home!

Our Cat of the Month had Kittens!

Shannon and her kittens

Shannon and her five long hair kittens are available for adoption reserve. They will be ready to go home towards the end of August. You can stop by and meet the kittens at the shelter on Thursday or Friday from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Tami's Animal Behavioral College Students

Tami's Training Class

Trainer Tami Kearney invited her students from Animal Behavioral College to come to the Shelter on Wednesday, June 13th.

The students were helping us get our dogs out, creating play groups, and practiced their skills on getting the dogs in, and out of their cages properly. They also helped us vaccinate ALL of Haylee's nine puppies who recently went home to their new families.

Tami's Training Class

The students spend alot of time in the book, but also need hands on experience - what better way, than to come to SOTH and help us with ours. All students on this day were veterans, and we appreciate not only their help that day, but their service to our country. Here are a few pictures taken that day.

For Sale

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Bunk Beds

Singing Cat

Do you have a singing cat? Well we do and he could be yours. Introducing Ziggy (the singing cat) and Connie (well what can we say?). Ziggy prefers to be an only cat. He is about 5 years old, neutered and ready to adopt.