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Grace Update

Gracie had her surgery on Wednesday April 19th at Eye Vet Clinic in Camarillo. They did what is called a Morgan Pocket Technique (3rd eyelid gland re-position), procedure instead of the tacking type procedure. They felt this procedure would work best for Gracie's size and head shape.

She did well during her anesthesia, and was awake in no time at all. She wasn't allowed to play with others for a minimum of two weeks, and since her new owners had also adopted another puppy from SOTH, we opted to have her stay with me for another two weeks (she had previously been with me to learn proper social skills & training). She had to be medicated twice daily, which was previously easy, but now that her eyes hurt, it was a bit harder, and she had to wear her e-collar 24/7.

Everyday, her swelling went down a little more as you can see in the picture below. There will still be a lot of pink, but it's on the inside now, instead of the outside of her eyes. She went home to her new parents on May 2nd, and has had another check up. The doctor was very pleased about how the eyes were looking, but wanted her to wear her e-collar for another two weeks just to be safe.

Grace wearing an e-collar

She now has her e-collar off, and her left eye is pretty much all healed up, but her right eye still has a little more to go. It was a pleasure fostering this little girl, and getting her started on the right track.

Tami Kearney