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Niki's Fund

Lucky Jack You can help to rescue, rehabilitate and find permanent loving homes for lost and abandoned animals in our mountain communities.

Just $28.90 can feed a litter of motherless kittens with nourishing kitten pate and goat milk for a full month.

And $36.00 can feed an abandoned dog for over a month.

Niki's Fund

Niki's Fund History

Niki Photo Niki was born May 28, 1994 and came to live with Scott, Barbara, and Valerie Rosen in PMC on August 1 that year. She developed into an amazing Newfoundland Dog who gave many years of joy, friendship, and love to many people. Niki earned her "Water Dog" title when she was just over a year old, something most Newfis don't accomplish until age two or three.

Many people in the community knew her; her distinctive appearance and friendly, gentle nature made her a standout wherever she went. From her visits to Frazier Park School, being in parades, or going Trick-or-Treating when she would wear fun costumes, never complaining about the "Tin Man" funnel she had to wear on her head to match Valerie's "Dorothy", or walking around the PMC Commercial Center in a Bumblebee costume (wings and all!) in order to complement Valerie's Butterfly costume. She loved people, tiny dogs, babies in carriages, snow, having her picture taken, catching ice cubes, going for a drive, and Taco Bell (the cat - not the fast food restaurant).

When she was 2 1/2 years old, she was diagnosed with Addison's Disease and nearly died. But Niki survived thanks to the skill, care and love of Dr. Diane Cosko and the Rosen's made a generous donation for Shelter on the Hill to provide financial assistance to other sick or injured pets.

After eleven years, Niki left us on September 16, 2005, but the lifesaving heritage of her Newfoundland breeding continues on and has helped local pets recover from everything from gunshot wounds to emergency C-sections.

Why donate to Niki's Fund?

Petro Photo When dogs and cats are brought into the shelter that need medical and surgical care we depend on Niki's Fund to pay those bills. Petro is a recent example. He was roaming around the truckstop. He'd been hit by a car, had a dangling front leg, covered in ticks and because he'd been eating dirt to stay alive he was full of different types of intestinal worms. He has gotten great care but his bill exceeds the balance in Niki's fund. Please donate specifically to this fund so that there will be funds for medical and surgical care needed for shelter animals prior to their adoption.


Shelter on the Hill: A Humane Society, has seen the need and has been working to establish a safe, sanitary, and secure structure to house the lost and abandoned animals that seem to materialize so frequently in the Frazier Mountain communities. SOTH also continues to develop services and merchandise to support the construction and operation of our animal care facility.

Your membership will entitle you to:

  1. SOTH's periodic newsletter containing timely news items and shelter progress
  2. A 10% discount on purchases at the the SOTH Thrift Store in Frazier Park, including logo merchandise and clothing such as aprons, tee shirts, and sweat shirts.
  3. A 20% discount on ISO approved microchipping identification for companion animals.
  4. Special notices to keep you informed of special SOTH activities and events.
  5. And more, as programs and services become available.

Yes! I want to support a local shelter for lost and abandoned pets by becoming a member of Shelter on the Hill, A Humane Society. My single membership fee of $25 for one year or my family membership of $35 for the year is enclosed.

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SOTH is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by law. Thank You!